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西班牙Alpha杨惠妍老公怎么死的 住宅

Alpha House / Rubn Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

来自建筑事务所的描述。由Rube毒牙撕咬者n Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura事务所设计的这座住宅位于西班牙巴伦西亚南部一座1000居民的小镇内,拥有非常有趣的自然环境,使用者在家中和远处都能看到非常壮观的景色。

T海胡须杖ext description provided by the architects. The home designed by Rubn Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura is located in a small重生之黑暗女爵 inner town of 1,000 inhabitants, to the south of Valencia, wi朱毓迪th a natural environment of great interest that gives rise to spectacular views from the house in medium and long distance.


The project is defined by two pure prismatic volumes, of different height, that as a response to the program of needs, and rotated among themselves 90 degrees, give rise to a large external patio on which the house overturnfgoc狐s, and a double interior height that articulates the two floors. In response to the two white prisms, the exterior enclosure in anthra谢华骏cite gray, lim牛鞭,艳母在线,维特拉its the private outdoor space, and gives privacy to the interior program of the ground floor.


The contrast in the surface treatment of both volumes between the ground floor and the upper one is remarkable: while in the ground f苏醒宇loor the proportion of学生搞基 large glazed recesses is more important, facilitating continuity with the exterior space, on the upper floor the solid predominates over the hole and resorts to systems of vertical slats that protect from the sun of the west, i女囚吧ncrease the privacy of the areas at night, and generate the desired volumetric continuity to the house.

从外部看,建筑既高冷又亲切,然而,在通过外部庭院进入住宅的道路上,开放的平面和室内外连续性关系逐步得以显现。就空间的内部而言,底层的开放空间与外部空间已经融合为一体。同样地,在不牺牲隐私的前提下,使用者在一层可以欣赏到Sierra del Benicadell的壮丽景色。

From the outside, the perception is that of a sober and very intimate dwelling, however, in the path of access to housing through the exterior patio, the intention of opening and of interior-exterior continuity relationship is already appreciated. Being confirmed when from the interior of the same, the open spaces of groun女儿与爸爸d floor are fused with the outer space, losing the delimita张付川tion between both. And in the same way, 钱橙购the first floor spaces, without sacrificing pri糗聊vacy, enjoy spectacular views of Sierra del Benicadell.


The ground floor comprises the day area, with spaces for living room with do海带打结机uble height, dining room, kitchen (all of them open), guest bedroom, barbecue and garage. Outside the porch, pool and solarium area. On the first floor, the night uses are composed of master bedroom with dressing room, two bedrooms, gym, multipurpose room and laundry. Both master bedroom and laundry enjoy open terraces attached to the respective room.


该项目是Rubn Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura事务所专为客户构思的设计方案,在项目中,功能、形式和施工系统充分响应了周边环境和媳妇爱萍需求。

The construction has been carried out not only according to Passive House criteria, but also Well Being (WELL Building Standard) principles have been applied, taking into account more than 100 measures with the aim of improving the quality of user’s life.

It is a tai真空凸点lor-made project by Rubn Muedra Estudio de Arquite112天龙辅助ctura, in which function, form and constructive systems respond fully to the context and needs of its inhabit赵皖生ants.




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